Lilac Blossom - Gel Manicure Kit

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Instant Dry

No Smudge


Chip resistant

Lasts up to

2 weeks!

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One year

Okay so I got this set a year ago and one of the best decision I’ve made. The lamp is just the cutest it works like a charm. The gel is such a smart idea to make it a 3in1 formula because that is so customer friendly. All the colours you can get are always expending and they come up with so many new ideas. I wanted something fast and easy to manage but still durable. I don’t have a lot of experience with gel manicure but with this set you don’t have to.
I followed them on instagram and tiktok they are so passionate about the brand I love seeing all the tips and tricks, I wish I came across with those post a little earlier but since then I levelled up my le mini macaron.
The only downside which is not their fault is the fact that in Europe you can’t really get them in stores so you have to order it online and there are just a few places they ship to. Hope to see one day Douglas or Sephora to sell them.

All in all Le mini macaron become one of my favourite and also essential brand of mine because of the luxury it gives me to do my mani whenever wherever. Hope to see all the new ideas and projects they come up with, can not get enough!

Marta BC
Loved it!

I was looking for a way to have pretty nails without going to a nail salon every 3 weeks, and I just found it! I was using regular nail polish but It never drys correctly on my nails and looked tacky. But this kit is just perfect for me as it dries better than regular nail polish and it is not as harsh for the nails as nail salon gel polish.

I just notice that the quality of the mini light with mat finish is not very good, because just with a few uses I notice the paint peels off the lamp. So, if you can, choose a kit with a lamp like the Pearlescence or the Rose gold one.

Another thing to be aware of is that you may not get the results that you want on the first try. In my first attempt at using the kit, the polish only lasted on my nails for about 2 days before it started to peel off itself. It takes practice to be able to make this gel polish last longer. They offer on this site tips that I think you should follow, it does help. I'm on my 3rd attempt and it's been a week and my gel polish is still perfect. Maybe purchase the top gel, I think it helps.


Compré con entusiasmo un kit para hacerme la manicura en casa, pero lamentablemente, a pesar de seguir cuidadosamente los pasos y el proceso, al primer día de tener la manicura, varias uñas se cayeron por completo. Lo volví a intentar y ocurrió lo mismo. La duración apenas llega a un día o día y medio antes de que varias uñas se desprendan. En resumen, fue una decepción y una pérdida de dinero, ya que además tuve que comprar un top coat adicional para evitar que se desprendieran las uñas.


Compré el kit emocionada por poder hacerme la manicura en casa, pero la verdad es que, aunque he seguido los pasos y el proceso es relativamente sencillo, al segundo día de llevar la manicura hecha se desprendieron 3 uñas enteras. Decidí darle una segunda oportunidad y llevar más cuidado durante el proceso, pero ha vuelto a pasar. Me dura entre un día y un día y medio la manicura intacta, después se desprenden varias uñas enteras. He de decir que tampoco uso las manos para trabajos duros, o sea que no creo que ese sea el problema. En definitiva, una pérdida de dinero.

Cristina Ariño

Bastante bueno puesto que a mi me la semipermanente me dura sobre una semana y media pero me gustaría que aguantara un poquito más.

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