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The Viral Instagram Mani You Need To Try!

Rainbow Nails Kayle LMM

Kylie’s rainbow French manicure is trending all over Instagram and it’s the new summer nail trend you need to try! An edgy twist on the classic French manicure, the rainbow French mani replaces those classy French white tips with a stunning array of color to brighten your nails for summer. We love this new gradient French mani and want to share with you our top 10 fave rainbow French nail designs!

#1 Pride Nails

Pride Rainbow Nails Le Mini Macaron

What better way to celebrate the extravaganza that is Pride month than with these rainbow nails? Show off your true colors with this bold, bright and beautiful design, showing the world that you’re vibrant and fearless - and proud of it.

#2 Full Rainbow

Full rainbow nails Le Mini Macaron

If you can't have actual unicorns painted on your nails, this rainbow design is the next best thing. Using curves to accentuate the natural shape of your nails, this look is elegance with a splash of joy - and you can even pick the colors yourself to make it truly you.

#3 Neon French

Rainbow Nails Le Mini Macaron

Who doesn't love neon? Combine the classic French design we all know and love with bold neons to create a vibrant summer look perfect for festivals, beach parties and simply showing the world how much you sparkle.

#4 Popping Pastels

Bling Rainbow Nails Le mini macaron

How cute will these pastels look with your spring/summer wardrobe? The thicker tip makes these shades really stand out, combining a calming color scheme with a new, shiny take on the classic French manicure and making your nails truly pop.

#5 Light & Bright

CLassic Rainbow Nails Le mini macaron

If you’re looking for something that’s a little less obvious but still makes a statement, these chic nails might be right up your street. The light colors and thicker middles elongate your nails for a sharper, more elegant design.

#6 Modern Rainbow

Rainbow Mani

Bright colors are all the rage this summer, which means there's no excuse not to try out this vibrant twist on the classic French manicure. For a dignified design with a modern hint, we can think of nothing better than this modern rainbow.

#7 Rainbow Party 

Rainbow Nails Weekend Le Mini Macaron

Brilliant in all senses of the word, this eye-catching design just exudes happiness. We love its bright rainbow colors and thick tips - perfect for any summer event or party.

 #8 Rainbow Shine

Bright Summer Colors Le mini Macaron

Summer vibes, summer vibes everywhere! We might be on lockdown, but thanks to these bright nails we can practically taste the piña coladas already. With radiant colors, gorgeous curves and a satisfying shine, these nails are setting a mood that we are here for.

#9 Classic Colors Mani

Summer Rainbow Nails Le Mini Macaron

You can never go wrong with a classic - but there's no harm in spicing things up, either. This elegant color scheme combines the thin French tip and steep curve of the basic manicure with a pop of color for the best of both worlds.

#10 Geo Rainbow

Coloreful French Mani Le mini Macaron

These nails are cooler than we were in high school. Mixing vivid colors with a classy shape and a hint of geometric design for a modern twist, this manicure really catches the eye. What’s not to love?