Butterfly Dreams Le Maxi Deluxe - Gel Manicure Set


Le Mini Macaron’s newest Le Maxi gift set will take you into the magical world of butterflies! Gorgeous, mystical and totally Instagrammable, the new Butterfly Dreams Deluxe Gel Manicure Set includes everything you need for an at-home gel manicure.
Includes a full-size LED lamp in a matte Fairy Flossshade, plus four magical gel polish colors…all wrapped up in a gorgeous, glittering gift box!

Cruelty Free, Vegan, 9 Free Gel Nail Polish

The new “Butterfly Dreams” Deluxe Gel Manicure Set will make you fall in love. Featuring our famous, full-size macaron LED Lamp for the first time in a matte “Fairy Floss” shade, plus four magical gel polish colors…all wrapped up in a lush and glittering gift box adorned with floating butterflies. Treat yourself (or a friend) to a deluxe gel manicure at home with everything you need for application and removal.

The gel polish shades:
Lily Rose – A soft, rose lilac
Peony Desire – A rich, berry pink
Licorice Dream – A deep, opaque black
Glitter Utopia – A rainbow, holographic glitter topcoat

Included inside:
• Full-size LED lamp in ‘Fairy Floss’ color. Curing time: 60 seconds. Bottom tray is removable for pedicures. Lamp wattage: 5 watts
• Four mini gel polish bottles
• Pink velvet storage pouch
• Pink USB cord
• 20 remover wraps (for two at-home gel removals)
• Full-size butterfly nail file
• Full-size cuticle stick
• ‘Butterfly Dreams’ postcard
• Instructions

Note: We’ve made this packaging with love and over 95% paper materials to be more environmentally friendly.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free.“9-Free”polish is formulated without Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, TPHP, Acetone, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, DBP, Toulene, and Camphor.

Follow these instructions for a perfect manicure:

  1. File the edge and surface of your nails. Use nail polish remover and wipe away the dust and oils.
  2. Apply a VERY thin (barely there) layer of gel polish.
  3. Cure in the LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  4. Apply a second layer of gel polish, and cure again. And that's it - you're done!

And for a perfect removal:

  1. File the surface of your gel manicure that you wish to remove.
  2. Tear open the remover pad and insert your finger, with the cotton pad over the nail. The acetone from the cotton pad will soak into the gel.
  3. Wrap the packet around your finger, removing the sticker on the packet to ensure that it’s air tight. Wait 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the packet and the gel polish will have a shattered effect. Use the cuticle stick to scrape off the gel.
  5. Use the nail file to file away any remaining bits of gel. Wash your hands and use hand cream to moisturize. Voilà!

Customer Reviews

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No repetiría

La entrega muy rápida y la lámpara muy mona.
Por lo demás... muy caro y mala calidad.
La lima se rompió al primer uso, las toallitas no quitan el esmalte y los esmaltes de mala calidad...
De la lámpara, nunca había tenido una... por lo que no puedo comparar. Su función con sus esmaltes la hace..

Hola Bárbara. Agradecemos el tiempo y esfuerzo que has dedicado a contarnos tu experiencia con nuestro producto.
A continuación, algunos tips para la mejor remoción del esmalte:
- Asegúrate de limar las uñas hasta sacar todo el brillo antes de colocar las toallitas.
- Usa el adhesivo posterior para mantenerlas lo más apretadas posibles, evitando que ingrese el aire.
- Déjalas actuar por 15 a 20 minutos máximo.

Para mayor information, puedes mirar nuestras preguntas frecuentes en: https://leminimacaron.eu/es/pages/frequently-asked-questions
También puedes mirar un vídeo donde nuestra fundadora Christina muestra sus mejores tips para quitar el esmalte: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIqggRXDd-J/

Bellissimo, ma...

Prodotto meraviglioso, come tutti i loro prodotti! Il problema è stato trovare uno smalto rotto... ho provato a mandare la mail con video, ma nessuno mi ha mai risposto... se avete voglia di spedirmene uno a posto, vi sarei grata ☺️ Comunque, prodotti FANTASTICI!

Ciao Chiara. Ti ringraziamo per il tempo che hai dedicato a descrivere la tua esperienza con il nostro prodotto.
Poiché non abbiamo ricevuto il video da te menzionato, inoltracelo gentilmente a orderseu@leminimacaron.com o info@leminimacaron.com. Saremo felici di aiutarti!

Bellissimo kit!

La lampada grande é comodissima! E il set di smalti è davvero bello, soprattutto il glitter utopia!!! Mai più senza!

Not a fan of the lamp

I like the gels, but the lamp is very weak, you need to insure you give all your fingers an extra blast as 60 seconds per layer per nail (very thin layer) simply isnt enough, my nails were smuged and then you have to deal with the battle of the fluff off the velvet bag coming off and actually being stuck on the nail and having to pick off bits with tweezers, how this happened I have no clue, tiny particles are literally molting off the bag and floating around. In the end I just gave up. But dont keep the bag near your polish, especially when you have your polishes out and ready to go! So I was very dissapointed in the light, I wont ever be using it again and I've tossed the bag! Waste of €65 for what is essentially, 4 tiny bottles of colour.

Hello W.D. We appreciate the time and effort you have put into describing your experience with our product.
We are very sorry your first experience with our Le Maxi Kit was disappointing. While we do advise for the first layer of polish to be almost transparent, there can be occasions where it it will need more curing time. Depending on the way you position your hands, 20 to 30 seconds more should suffice. Next time, please make sure to keep any linting items out of reach while applying the gel polish to prevent the fluff.
Also please keep in mind the value of the Kit is not only for the polishes but also for the lamp (usable for both manicure and pedicure). It also includes a nail file and cuticle stick for the best nail preparation, along with 20 Remover Pads, good for 2 manicures or pedicures.

For further information, you can check our FAQs at: https://leminimacaron.eu/pages/frequently-asked-questions
You can also watch a video by our founder Christina, on best tips for product application: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CH0b3Bvl-uS

Una cucada!!!!

Es una monada tanto la lampara, como los pintadas de tamaño mini. el empaquetado precioso y realmente útil la lampara ya que yo usaba la pequeña y necesitaba una mas grande para las pedicuras. Recomendable!!!!