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Break out of the same old mani routine and unleash your inner fierce feline with leopard nail design! With untamed patterns and captivating spots, leopard nail art allows you to make a bold statement that is both daring and sophisticated. Whether you prefer the classic animal print leopard nails or leopard pink nails, the possibilities are endless. So gather your nail art tools, and let's go on a mani adventure into the wild world of leopard nail design!


Step1: Choose Your Background Color

Select a base color for your leopard nails design. Popular choices include neutral shades like beige, nude, or light pale pink. Apply our 1-step, 3–in-1 gel polish and cure in the LED lamp as usual. Remember: When applying the first coat make sure it is a very thin layer (almost transparent) and apply the second coat normally.


Step 2: Create the Leopard Print Spots

Using a thin nail art brush or a dotting tool, dip it into black gel polish. Create small irregular shapes on your nails to mimic leopard spots. Vary the sizes and shapes of the spots for a more realistic look. Leave some space between the spots to create a genuine leopard print pattern. Cure the leopard print spots in the LED lamp.


Step 3: Add a Second Color for the Detail

To make your leopard nail art more realistic, you can add a second color for a bit of dimension. Use a smaller dotting tool and use an additional color like brown or grey to fill in some of the larger spots, which will add depth and dimension. For a touch of glamour, you can add metallic accents to the spots using metallic gold or silver polish. Cure this additional layer in the LED lamp.


What colors to use for your leopard nails?

Le Mini macaron leopard print nails

Classic Leopard Print

The classic leopard print design features small black spots on a light or neutral background, mimicking the pattern of a leopard's coat. You can achieve this look by using a thin nail art brush or a dotting tool to create spots in various sizes and shapes. We love this unique twist on a classic French manicure with classic leopard spots. Oh la la!

Colors: Creme Brûlée, Licorice, Café Crème


le mini macaron leopard print

Colorful Leopard Print

Give the traditional leopard print a colorful twist by using vibrant contrasting colors. Leopard pink nails are always a popular color choice, but you can also experiment with bold hues like neon yellows, electric blues, or vibrant greens for the spots. We love this pink and blue combo for a fun leopard print nail design. You can also try a monochromatic leopard nail design by using two shades of the same color, with the lightest shade as the base color and the brighter shade as the spots!

Colors: Blue Vanilla or Fleur Bleue, Bubblegum Crush


le mini macaron leopard print nails

Metallic Leopard Print

Add a touch of glamour to your mani by designing a reverse leopard nail look with metallic accents! Start with a sheer or barely-there neutral shade, apply the black spots leaving a lot of negative space, then add only a few black spots. Finish by adding just a touch of gold or silver metallic to each black spot. Combining these two leopard nail designs creates a fabulously chic minimalist look! You can also create a metallic leopard nail design by painting the base of your nails a metallic shade, with black spots, and adding a few rhinestones or embellishments for a more glam and edgy look!

Colors: Chantilly, Licorice, Golden Glow


 le mini macaron leopard print nails

Neutral Leopard Print

Flip the leopard print concept by creating a more subtle design by using a neutral shade for the leopard animal print. Start with a neutral base color like pale pink, beige, or milky white, then add white spots or a contrasting neutral shade. This leopard nail design softens the overall look and gives it a more modern chic vibe. We also love this natural style with the prints on only a few accent nails.

Colors: Café Crème, Coconut Yogurt, Milkshake


le mini macaron leopard print nails

Leopard Accent Nail

Leopard pink nails are also a wildly popular style for a classic leopard print manicure! Pink can add a touch of femininity or extra boldness to your leopard mani. We’re big fans of painting the base color a pale pink and then using a brighter pink for inside the black spots. You can do this on all of your nails, or add just one leopard pink accent nail for a wild surprise!

Colors: Honey Ginger, Licorice, Sweet Cherry


Remember to have fun, experiment with colors, and unleash your creativity to truly make the design your own! If you want even more nail art inspiration, you can follow us on Instagram or join our mani-loving community of Chéries over on Facebook