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Stardust Liquid Nail Powders: Take Your Mani to Cosmic Heights!

Imagine a universe of vibrant, chromatic finishes right at your fingertips. With our new Stardust Liquid Nail Powders, you can take your mani to cosmic heights. If you love a simple yet mesmerizing manicure, Stardust Liquid Nail Powders will be your newest nail obsession. 

Stardust liquid nail powders by Le Mini Macaron.

What is Stardust Liquid Nail Powder?

Our newest collection, Stardust Liquid Nail Powder, is a transformative liquid-to-powder formula designed to be used over any gel polish color. It adds a brilliant, chromatic finish that changes depending on the base coat color, giving you endless prismatic options. The best part? It's incredibly easy to apply, giving you a professional-looking manicure right at home. 

How to use Stardust Liquid Nail Powder

Each Stardust Liquid-to-Powder Nail Polish includes a 2 ml liquid nail powder with a doe-foot applicator. You'll need an LED lamp, gel polish (as a base coat), and gel topcoat, each sold separately, to complete your look. 

What is your favorite Stardust color?

With five vivid colors to choose from, there´s a Stardust for every mood, every festival, every person. 

Galactic Sparkle: A rich metallic powder

Dive into a world of metallic brilliance with Galactic Sparkle. Depending on your base gel polish color, you can achieve different chromatic effects:

Galactic Sparkle liquid to powder nail art.
  • Pure Black (like Licorice): Experience a deep blue-green hue with an intense goldish pink-purple sheen.
  • Opaque White (like Milkshake): Revel in a bright blue-green shade with a reflective violet-purple sheen.

Pink Euphoria: A shimmering pink dream

For those who love a touch of pink, Pink Euphoria offers an iridescent, shimmering pink powder that transforms based on your base gel polish color:

Pink Euphoria Stardust liquid nail powder by Le Mini Macaron.
  • Pastel Pink (like Camelia): A bright metallic pink awaits you.
  • Pure Black (like Licorice): Discover a vibrant mix of fuschia and magenta.
  • Opaque White (like Milkshake): Enjoy a creamy opalescent pink finish.

Violet Frost: Reflective purple magic

Channel your inner mystic with Violet Frost, a metallic purple powder that dazzles in various shades depending on your base gel polish:

Violet Frost stardust liquid nail powder by Le Mini Macaron.
  • Pastel Purple (like Lavender): A luminous blend of pinkish purple and teal.
  • Pure Black (like Licorice): Get lost in a dramatic greenish-gold blend.
  • Opaque White (like Milkshake): Experience a milky light purple with teal undertones.

Celestial Blue & Cosmic Green: Radiant shades of sky & earth

Whether you prefer the calming blues or the vibrant greens, Celestial Blue and Cosmic Green offer radiant results:

Celestial Blue Stardust Liquid Nail Powder by Le Mini Macaron.
  • Celestial Blue:
    • Pastel Blue (like Blue Vanilla): Shine bright with a high-shine baby blue.
    • Pure Black (like Licorice): Dive into a deep navy purple.
    • Opaque White (like Milkshake): Embrace a creamy blueish-white finish.
Cosmic Green Stardust Liquid Nail Powder by Le Mini Macaron.
  • Cosmic Green:
    • Medium Green (like Matcha Latte): Enjoy a bright grassy green with golden pink tints.
    • Pure Black (like Licorice): Revel in a deep plum with green and gold highlights.
    • Opaque White (like Milkshake): Delight in a pale light green with sheer pink accents.

How to Apply Stardust Liquid Nail Powder

  1. Apply your gel base coat and cure the first layer as directed (link to blog post). For the second layer, cure for only 20 seconds. You want the second coat of polish to be slightly sticky. 
  2. Apply Stardust Liquid Nail Powder over the semi-cured gel polish & wait 20 seconds.
  3. Use your finger to gently rub the powder in one direction until dry. 
  4. Apply a gel top coat* (remember to cap the edges) and cure 30 seconds in the mini lamp or 60 seconds in maxi lamp. 
  5. Remove excess powder from the skin and cuticles. 

Apply an extra layer of liquid nail powder, if needed. Remember, the chromatic results will change depending on the base gel polish color so have fun! 

How to Remove Stardust Liquid Nail Powder

Follow the same instructions to remove the Stardust Liquid Nail Powder as you would our gel polishes. 

  1. File the surface of your gel manicure.
  2. Tear open the remover pad and insert your finger, with the cotton pad over the nail. The acetone from the cotton pad will soak into the gel.
  3. Wrap the packet around your finger, removing the sticker on the packet to ensure that it’s airtight. Wait 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the packet and the gel polish will have a shattered effect. Use the cuticle stick to scrape off the gel.
  5. Use the nail file to file away any remaining bits of gel. Wash your hands and use hand cream to moisturize. Voilà!

With Stardust Liquid-to-Powder Nail Polish, your manicure possibilities are truly endless. Whether you're aiming for a galactic sparkle, a shimmering pink dream, or a reflective purple magic, Stardust offers a universe of colors and finishes to explore.