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Oui! We adore gel polish manicures, especially during the summer when gel polish pedicures are a must. Whether you like matching your mani-pedi or prefer mixing things up for a unique look, gel polish pedicures are perfect. Get polish offers a long-lasting glossy finish that outshines traditional nail polish, keeping your toes looking chic for weeks. With Le Mini Macaron, achieving salon-quality pedicures at home is a breeze.

The application process is similar to a manicure, using your choice of gel polish color and an LED lamp. The main difference is, of course, working on your feet instead of your hands. The best part? It's easy to achieve professional-looking results, regardless of whether you're right or left-handed. Plus, Le Mini Macaron lamps are versatile and can be used for both manicures and pedicures. It's a practical, affordable, and user-friendly solution wherever you are.

A Gel Polish That's Just as Easy for Feet as it is for Hands!

While we're more accustomed to applying gel nail polish on our fingernails, the results on our feet are equally stunning. The durability also impresses, typically lasting between 7 to 10 days or even longer. When summer rolls around and sandals become our go-to footwear, having a fabulous pedicure is a must.

So, if you're considering applying semi-permanent polish to your feet, go for it! The process is simple: clean your nails, apply a thin first layer of polish, cure it under the LED lamp for 30 seconds, repeat with a second thin layer, and cure again. If needed, add a third coat for an extra dose of color.

The Guarantee of a Shiny Pedicure Without Any Touch-Ups

Semi-permanent gel polish ensures your pedicure stays flawless for at least 4 weeks without any chipping or flaking, unlike traditional nail polish. No touch-ups required! Planning a vacation? Take your Le Mini Macaron mini kit with you for on-the-go pedicures.

You can also get creative with nail art, adding stickers, and patterns, or mixing colors for a personalized touch. Le Mini Macaron offers a wide range of beautiful gel polish shades to choose from, making the hardest part of deciding which ones to try first!

Your pedicures, your style!