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Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades

Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades


If you’re craving clean, natural gel manicures that are barely there but far from boring, keep reading. We’re going back to basics with our classic nude and neutral gel polish colors.


Coconut Yogurt

Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades-Coconut Yogurt

We’ve come to the conclusion that white is a go-to shade that works for all seasons. This creamy, semi-transparent white has a hint of blush and is perfect if you’re looking for a trendy but low-key alternative to crisp white nails.


Crème Brûlée

Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades-Crème Brûlée

This shade is “barely-there” in a bottle. A natural nude with peachy-pink undertones, it epitomizes simplicity and is the best dupe for bare, natural nails. The plus? An ultra-glossy finish that’s super subtle yet still catches the eye.



Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades-Nude

All nudes are not created equal but dare we say this soft beige with peach undertones is flattering on every skin tone. On lighter skin tones, it perfectly blends in, instantly elongating fingers for a sleek look. On darker skin tones, it acts as a neutral that pops with just a hint of color.


Spiced Chai

Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades-Spiced Chai

Make an impact without going bold or bright. A next-level nude, this light caramel has a subtle shimmer and hint of metallic reflection for those that want to effortlessly spice up their minimal mani.



Our Best ‘Barely-There’ Shades-Latte

Brown is back and having major moment. As a nail color, it’s unexpected but pleasantly surprising in its sophistication and versatility. This soft medium brown works as a gorgeous neutral on lighter skin tones and can be a true nude for some darker skin tones.


So, who’s ready for nails au naturel?