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Hey there, chérie! Can you feel it? Spring is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it's time to shed those winter blues and bloom with our favorite spring-inspired nail trends. From brunch dates to wedding looks, your fingertips deserve to shine brighter than ever this spring. Le Mini Macaron has everything you need for an at-home swoon-worthy spring mani. From soft pastels to mood-boosting blues, add a little spring to your step with our favorite 2024 spring nail trends. 

Our Favorite Spring Nail Colors

Le Mini Macaron Fleure Bleue gel polish.

Blue Nails For Every Mood

Blue is undeniably THE color of the season. But this spring we are ditching the moody winter blues and reaching for the sky. Think lush sky blues, bold cobalt blues, cool aquamarine, and pretty pastels. Our blue gel polish collection will give your nails a spring awakening and instantly uplift your spirits. Whether you opt for a full coat or playful accents, blue nails are sure to make a statement wherever you go. Find your dream shade in our blue gel polish collection. And brides-to-be, why not make this your ¨something blue¨?

Le Mini Macaron Chamomile gel polish.

Pastel Nails

For a more subtle yet equally stunning look, try pastels, perfect for those in their soft girl era.  Our favorite shades include a soft, buttery yellow like Chamomile, or  Rose Glacée, a light, innocent pink that’s barely there, and Wildflower, a pastel blue-purple.

These soft, creamy delicate shades are perfect for wedding season, Mother´s Day, Easter, spring break…any occasion! Whether you mix and match, wear them solo, or use them for a fun take on the classic French mani, pastel nails never go out of style. 

Le Mini Macaron Le Glazed nail powder.

Glazed Nails

Imagine your nails with a glossy, reflective glazed finish that catches the light with every movement – that's the glazed nail effect! With our collection of nail powders, you can get the trendy high-shine glazed nail effect at home. Whether you crave a shimmery, iridescent pearly effect or want to make a statement with a high-shine, silvery chrome metallic finish, we have the powder for you. 

Le Mini Macaron green gel nail polish collection.

Alluring Green Nails

Green nail polish has emerged as a standout trend this season, captivating manicure enthusiasts with its fresh and vibrant appeal. From muted greens to soft pastels, green hues in all shades are gracing fingertips everywhere, making a bold statement that's both chic and playful. Whether it's a glossy finish for a sleek modern look or a softer pastel for a softer vibe, green nail polish offers versatility and seamlessly complements a range of styles and occasions. They’re perfect for springtime fun. 

Try our favs like Pistachio, a wistful soft green, or Matcha Latte, a gorgeous pale green, and Mint Chocolate Chip, a soft and light creamy pastel mint green. Green nail polish adds a pop of color to your look and is a must-have for trendsetters this season. 

Le Mini Macaron easy nail ideas for spring.

Easy Spring Nail Art Ideas

Add a little spring to your step with some easy nail art ideas. Sprucing up your nails for spring has never been easier with these simple yet stylish nail art ideas. Start by using soft pastel shades like Fairy Floss, Mint Chocolate Chip, or Blue Vanilla as your base colors. Then, add delicate floral accents using a fine nail art brush, like Le Liner, for a whimsical touch. Or, opt for a minimalist approach with geometric shapes such as triangles or stripes in complementary spring tones. 

If you're feeling playful, try our Wildflower nail stickers to customize your manicure with wildflowers, daisies, tulips & more for nails in full bloom. For an effortlessly chic option, go for a negative space manicure by leaving portions of your nails bare or using sheer polish to create subtle patterns. Try these easy spring nail art ideas to elevate your mani game and have your fingertips blooming with style all season long.

This spring, don't be afraid to let your creativity spring onto your nails. From chic pastels, alluring greens, and everything in between, this spring´s nail trends offer an exciting array of options to up your mani game at home.