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Aesthetic nails are nail art looks that follow a specific style, theme, or trend. An aesthetic is essentially the beauty and overall style of something, and when it comes to aesthetic nails there are endless options for you to choose from. Aesthetic nails not only come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, but the shape of the nail can have an impact on the overall aesthetic of the nail look as well.


Discover the aesthetic nails that celebrities love

When it comes to trending aesthetic nails, celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez are among the many celebrity manicures to watch! Celebrity nail looks are now being photographed just as much as what they’re wearing or who they’re currently dating! The celebrity aesthetic nail trends seem to change almost daily, blink and you might miss a few! So while it’s hard to keep up with all the celebrity nail trends, we’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you!

5 aesthetic nail designs to take your manicure to the next level

Aesthetic Nail with Nail Accents

Keeping your nails looking natural has been a growing trend that we absolutely love, but we love that this trend looks super glamorous by adding a few delicate and sophisticated details.  Aesthetic nails with nail accents feature a range of playful designs, including rhinestones, glitter, and small simple embellishments. This is perfect if you are not skilled enough to pull off more elaborate nail art. You can still embrace this trend by adding simple touches like a thin line of glitter along the cuticle for a  reverse French mani or a single nail art sticker, pearl or rhinestone perfectly placed on each nail. These little touches of sparkle paired with a natural mani are a stylish way to incorporate the nail accent trend while keeping it very minimal and chic. Kate Hudson was spotted wearing this nail trend at the Oscars with a  gorgeous bejeweled mani and Li Jun Li’s natural mani with one tiny diamond on each nail was pure perfection!

Abstract aesthetics nails

Go for a bold, beautiful mani with abstract aesthetic nails!  These whimsical nail designs are more like modern works of art. Create fun curvy lines or waves with multiple colors or keep it to one color for a more streamlined look. You can also incorporate geometric shapes, zigzags or large dots. Creating an abstract French manicure is a popular nail aesthetic trend, by creating larger half-moon style tips on the majority of the nails, then adding a few curvy lines on the rest of the nails. This gives the nails some negative space for a more minimalist nail design. Both Vanessa Hudgens and Kourtney Kardashian have been seen with abstract aesthetic nails this year! 

Natural Nail Aesthetic

Less is more with the natural nail aesthetic trend. There’s even a new fun phrase for this natural nail aesthetic, “Your nails but better” and we have to admit, we loved it! It all started with the clean girl aesthetic which then quickly got a bit glossy with the lip gloss nail trend, and now we’re seeing so many beautiful variations of barely-there, nude, and natural manis! This minimalist nail aesthetic is perfect for those of us who want to keep things a bit more calm, classy, and chic. One of the biggest benefits of the natural nail aesthetic is that it goes with anything you’re wearing! This nail trend is the perfect look for summer, as it’s fresh, clean, and uncomplicated for wherever the long summer days and nights may take you!


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Acrylic aesthetic nails

If going for long beautiful acrylic aesthetic nails there are so many stunning styles to try! If you're all about bold, attention-grabbing colors, neon nails are a must. These daring acrylics feature bright, fluorescent shades. All it took was Hailey Bieber’s bright yellow “lemonade nails” and suddenly we’re all seeing bright neon shades. If you prefer a bit more shimmer and shine, then you’ll want to try the glazed or chrome nails look. Chrome nails have a super-shiny, metallic finish that you can achieve by dusting on a special chrome powder. Our Le Glazed formula will help you achieve this trendy nail look by using it alone or over any gel polish color for different chrome nail looks.
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Short Aesthetic Nails

Short nails are super practical and can be just as fun and trendy! One of our favorite trends for short aesthetic nails is the colorful, and cheerful Skittle nails, as seen on Selena Gomez.  The idea behind Skittles nails is to paint each nail a different color, just like the colorful candy. This creates a rainbow-like effect that gives your mani a fun playful nail look. Using pastel shades for this nail look really makes short aesthetic nails pop! Another twist on this nail look that makes short nails look extremely cool, is painting the different colors as a micro French, which is very thin painted tips, and on shorter square nails this short aesthetic nail look is modern and right on trend. 


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