Gel Polish Remover Mini Kit

Includes everything you need for soak-off removal at home or on the go: 20 remover wraps, mini nail file, and cuticle stick.

Our soak-off gel remover wraps work on all types of polish.

  • Self-contained remover wraps include cotton wipe and acetone inside.
  • Just file the surface of the nail, tear open packet, insert finger and wrap tightly around nail, soaking the gel for 15 min. Use the cuticle stick to scrape off the gel.
  • Each packet is single-use. Just use and throw away.
  • Easy, convenient, and no mess.
  • Perfect for at-home or travel!
  • 20 wraps provide 2 full removals.
  1. File the surface of your nail
  2. Tear open the remover pad and place your finger inside, with the wet cotton pad touching the nail surface.
  3. Tear off the strip of clear plastic to reveal the sticker on the packet.
  4. Fold the left & right side tightly around the finger. This will prevent air from entering. Waitt for 15-20 minutes.
  5. The gel polish will detach from the surface of the nail. Use the cuticlestick to scrape off any remaining gel from the nail. You can also use a nail file to gently file away any small pieces of gel still on the surface of the nail. Apply hand cream if you prefer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Practic and efficient

it does exactly what it promises. Good purchase.

molto pratico

Il kit per la rimozione è molto pratico, comodo da mettere sulle dita. non cola, non ci si sporca ed ha un odore gradevole e delicato. Lo smalto viene rimosso completamente. Promosso!

Kit muito pratico!

Eu tive de comprar este kit pois os removedores estavam esgotados mas confesso que gostei muito, é muito pratico pois para remover o verniz é tão importante os removedores como a lima que ajuda a finalizar e conter esses elementos no mesmo kit é uma otima ideia. Sugeria que pensassem realizar uns kits destes mas com mais removedores.