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How To Get Chip-Free, Long-Lasting Gel Manicures

Want long-lasting, chip free gel manis? Prep is the most important step! 

Having a great foundation before you paint can make or break your manicure. After you’ve pushed back your cuticles and filed your nails and nail surface, cleansing oils from your nails is the key to long-lasting, chip free gel manis.

Our new Le Clean Nail Cleanser is the perfect prep step to help you remove oil, dust, and debris before painting your gel manicure.

How To: Just moisten one of our new Dry Lint-Free Nail Wipes with a small amount of Le Clean and wipe over all of your nails to clean away dust and oils. Voilà! You now have a clean, dehydrated nail surface for better adhesion of gel AND regular polish.


Pro Tip: Don’t touch ANYTHING (not your face, your hair, your phone, anything!) after you have cleaned off the dust and oils.

Once you start painting, remember to keep your layers thin and cure each nail immediately after painting.

Au revoir chipped gel polish, bonjour long-lasting gel manicures!