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Top 5: Best-Selling Winter Shades

Baby, it’s cold outside. And with cooler weather comes the desire for a mani switch-up to darker, moodier hues. So, get those fingerless gloves ready because we’ve compiled a list of our Top 5 Best-Selling Winter Shades and trust us, you’ll want to show these nail colors off all season long.

#1 Cassis

LMM Best Selling Winter Shades - Cassis

Nothing says winter nails more than a dark berry shade. Classy and sophisticated with brownish-red undertones, Cassis is a classic shade that looks good on any skin tone. It’s versatile enough to match any chunky knit sweater in your closet or even your favorite glass of red.

#2 Licorice

LMM Best Selling Winter Shades - Licorice

Black is the new black! Black nails have made a comeback and it’s this season’s statement color of choice for those who love a moody, minimalist mani. If you’re looking for a shade that classy but edgy, eye-catching but mysterious, Licorice, a rich, opaque blackest black, is it.  

#3 Emerald Green

LMM Best Selling Winter Shades - Emerald Green

Since its launch, Emerald Green has quickly become this seasons breakout “it” color. Jewel tones like this lush, dark green add a certain je ne sais quoi to your nails. It’s effortlessly glamorous and the best choice if you want to add a subtle hint of chicness to your winter wardrobe. 

#4 Pomegranate

LMM Best Selling Winter Shades - Pomegranate

While we firmly believe red nails can be worn year-round, nothing puts us in a holiday mood more than a red hue. Pomegranate is a deep crimson that’s just dark enough to be a little moody but still light enough to be festive. It is the perfect winter red. Just ask our Social Media Manager, Andy, this one is a fave of hers.

#5 Rum Raisin

LMM Best Selling Winter Shades - Rum Raisin

Ask any nail enthusiast and they’ll tell you mauve is a must-have shade in any polish collection. Not too pink, not too purple, it’s an unexpected neutral that will get your nails noticed. Rum Raisin is a darker, richer mauve which makes it ideal for sweater-weather manis.

Ready to warm up your hands with our hottest winter nail colors?