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13 Steps For A Perfect Mani

Do you dream of a shiny, long-lasting manicure at home, Chèrie?

It’s as easy as getting one of our mini kits and follow the steps below!

  1. Use the white, flat end of the cuticle stick to push back your cuticles.



  2. File the edges of your nails with a nail file and the surface with a sanding block. Using a brush, remove any dust.




  3. Did you know that the nail naturally produces oil? That's why wiping away dust & oils is the most important step for long-lasting gel manicures.  Nail Cleanser Prep Pads cleanses and preps nails before applying gel polish.



  4. Shake the gel polish. Open the bottle and wipe the brush against the inner edges of the bottle neck, removing almost all gel from the brush. Apply a very thin layer of gel covering the entire surface of your nail.



  5. Cure in the LED lamp for 30 seconds.



  6. Repeat: Apply a second layer of gel polish and cure again.



  7. Follow these steps for every nail and that's it - you're done!



Pro Tip: Extend your gel manicure for up to 3 weeks with our Top Coat. Longer shine, longer chip-free lasting!

There's definitely a learning curve to applying gel at home. So, don't be disappointed or lose confidence if your first few DIY gel manicures don't look fantastic or last weeks on end — never fear, you'll become a pro in no time with some patience and practice!

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