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The Best Nail Trends for 2023

Looking back at the nail trends from last year, we are wildly excited that a few of our favorites are continuing as the best nail trends for 2023. Everyone’s favorite glazed-donut trend has put pearlescent, chrome, and metallic manis right at the top of the list. And for those of you that are into more of a clean look, then you’re going to love the lip gloss nail trend, giving us gorgeous natural-looking manis that shine.


Trendy Nail Designs for this 2023

Lip Gloss Nails

Last year the clean girl look had its moment, but now get ready for the lip gloss nail trend to be your new go-to for neutral nail looks that shine. Barely there sheer shades keep manis looking clean and chic with just a bit of nail gloss glow. These beautiful natural manicures are feminine, modern, and minimal. Lip gloss nails are the perfect gel mani for feeling perfectly polished and pretty all week!


Natural Shades

If going wild with nail trends and colors is not your thing, don’t worry, natural healthy nails are also on trend and many of these natural shades are far from boring. In fact, the range of natural colors is quite creamy and dreamy! We love the toned-down subtle hues of these nudes, muted browns, and creamy beiges. It's a color palette that looks effortlessly chic and compliments any skin tone. The other great thing about a natural mani is that it won’t clash with your outfits during the week!

Coconut Yogurt - Gel Polish


Glazed Donut Effect

For those of you that still cannot get enough of the glazed donut nail trend, we have very good news for you! There are plenty of variations of this trend that you can try. Take this trend and make it your own with a variety of pearlescent and chrome finish nail designs. Everything from chocolate glazed donut to the oyster pearl trend and everything in between. The glazed nail effect seems to be a trend that is becoming a new modern classic, and definitely here to stay!

Pearlescence - Gel Polish


French Manicure


Trends may come and go, but one thing is for sure, a French mani is never going out of style. It is a timeless classic that has evolved over the years, and there are now endless creative possibilities for French mani nail looks, So whether you want to use an eye-catching vibrant color, go a bit mysterious with a black Frenchie, or decorate your Frenchie with polka-dots and nail stickers - anything goes! Be on the lookout for micro French nails (aka the Skinny French) a super thin line at the tip of the nail. This subtle French mani is popping up everywhere!

Fleur Bleue and Milkshake Gel polish


Chrome Nail Looks

Colorful chrome nails are a fun way to add a bit of glamour to your next DIY gel manicure. The range of chrome colors can go from shimmery milky whites, (taking inspiration from the glazed donut nail effect)to iridescent pinks, blues, and purples. Not only are the different shades of chrome nails fun and unique, but the different levels of shine can create some pretty impressive holographic nail looks.

Fleur Bleue and Pearlescence - Gel Polish



It’s no secret that we’re big fans of pink around here. Any shade of pink will do, but this year the brighter the better! When the Barbicore trend came out last year, we thought it might be just a passing fad, but with the Barbie movie coming out this summer, it's sure to just get more intense! If this hot pink hue is not for you, don’t worry. There is also talk of a “balletcore” trend. So for those of you that like the lighter shades of pink, you can still get in on the pink nail trend.


Le Maxi "La Vie en Bloom" Deluxe Gel Manicure Set


Candy Red Nails


Ever since the “Red Nail Theory” trend went viral on TikTok, everyone has been painting their manis red. Sure, the theory first was all about attracting love into your life, but the red nail theory turned into much more than just getting attention from a potential partner. It turns out women were manifesting much more than just a mate. Red nails were causing them to attract other positive things into their lives, reach goals, get new jobs, and other accomplishments. So if you’re serious about getting what you want in 2023, then why not try a manifestation mani? What have you got to lose?


Cherry Red Gel Manicure Kit


Whatever nail trend is your style, we are sure that more nail trends for 2023 will be popping up throughout the year, so follow us on Instagram where we keep all our Chèries up to date on the latest nail-breaking trends!!