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CK’s Nail Care Tips

Christina Kao Nail Tips


Being able to DIY our gel manicures at home has been a true game changer. As much as we love a #selfcare moment to paint our gel manis or switching up our gel color when we want, where we want, taking breaks between manicures is essential to nail health. Our co-founder, Christina Kao, shares her best tips for maintaining healthy natural nails between gel manicures and beyond.


What are your TOP 3 tips for healthy nails? 

#1 Always follow the proper gel removal process to avoid damaging or weakening your nails. A lot of people like to peel off their gels but this can lead to removing some of the nail surface along with the gel, which will thin out and make your nails brittle.

#2 In between manicures, I always use a strengthener or fortifier that contains Vitamin B5 to help strengthen my natural nail surface. 

#3 I like to keep cuticle oil with me and use it a couple of times throughout the day to keep my cuticles moisturized. I have a bottle at my desk, and one on my night stand!


What advice would you give someone wanting to grow their natural nails long? 

I like to keep my nails a bit longer than medium length, and I’ve found the best way to maintain this is to change my manicure every 3 weeks (not more frequently than this). I paint with our gel polish, which is vegan and 9-free, and I add a gel topcoat to give it extra lasting. During the 3 weeks, my nails grow, and by not changing up the manicure more often than this, my nails aren’t thin or brittle from excessive filing and removals.  

Christina Kao Nail Tips


What are your go-to products when you’re between gel manicures? 

“Plant Power” - Plant-Based Nail Fortifier

I love this best-selling nail fortifier from our treatment line. It strengthens your nails, contains 74% natural ingredients like bamboo, squalane and vitamin B5, and has a fun transparent green tint to it!

“Rescue Moi” After-Gel Nail Recovery Treatment

For nails that are thin or damaged and need to be re-built, this is a great treatment in-between your gel manicures. It contains Vitamin B5 and C to hydrate and nourish the nail surface. It’s also transparent so gives you a nice shine to your nails.

“Rosé Kiss” Nail and Cuticle Oil

I believe in keeping cuticles hydrated and moisturized to help improve your overall nail health. This one from our line is super rich, contains vitamin E and 6 nourishing plant oils. Plus it has a gorgeous light rose scent.


To quote Christina, “nail care is a form of self-care.” We hope you enjoyed these tips and that they help you on your way to stronger, longer, healthier nails.